Massage Therapist

Carolina Neves

Greetings! My name is Carolina, I’m originally from Brazil.
I may have already known a lot of you in other lives. I’m an old soul who has been working with healing for many years. My purpose in this life is to heal and help people to keep their balance in the body, mind, and soul.
I began my therapist journey in 2018 when I had a serious accident and broke my ankle. I felt that I needed something else. It was when I discovered Reiki in-depth and I graduated in all Reiki levels. I've also studied about Crystals and Meditation. As soon as I elevated my vibration, the Universe started bringing me what I needed. I’m passionate about massage and recently became a qualified Remedial Therapist. I always try to keep my balance, and to help others in this process, changing perspective and limiting beliefs.