Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

The perfect massage for any athlete, weekend warrior or anyone else who has muscular pain.

It aims to treat conditions such as localized soreness, tightness, pain as well as new or old muscular injuries.  These goals are achieved by reducing the amount of waste product within in the muscle, which can be generated by strenuous or repetitive physical activity.

A sports treatment is a firm, usually deep massage which aims to affect all muscle layers, ligaments, tendons as well as connective tissue. The intent is to break up old structural patterns and to allow the free flow of nutrients and oxygen to the soft tissues.

Although this type of treatment is known to be a bit uncomfortable, we realize that not everyone is training to be an elite athlete and so the pressure and techniques used will vary to insure your individual comfort.  It will leave you feeling fantastic and totally ready to take on the world!

Short-term pain for long-term gain!

PRICE $70.00 $85.00 $110.00 160.00