Pregnancy Massage

PRICE $135.00 185.00

Category: Motherhood Journey

Welcome to the Motherhood Journey, a therapeutic bodywork specially designed to cater to the unique needs of pregnant women as they undergo the transformative journey of pregnancy. We understand the significance of comfort during this time, which is why we provide a special cushion allowing you to lie comfortably on your belly during the session. Rest assured, this treatment is completely safe for pregnant women starting from a minimum of 12 weeks into their pregnancy, extending up until the end.

For those who prefer an alternative, lying on your side with the support of a body pillow is always an option to ensure maximum comfort throughout the session. Our Pregnancy Massage offers a myriad of benefits, including stress reduction, decreased swelling and fluid retention, and relief from aching muscles due to postural changes. Additionally, our skilled therapists may incorporate remedial techniques to address any specific pain management needs arising from the body changes during pregnancy.

Indulge in a peaceful experience and bid farewell to those pregnancy-related aches and pains. Book now or purchase a gift card to treat the mother-to-be with our delightful 60 or 90-minute Pregnancy Massage.