Postnatal Massage

Category: Motherhood Journey

Our Postnatal Massage is a tender care dedicated to mothers during the postpartum period, extending for the first six weeks of their newborn's life.

Our full-body Postnatal Massage offers a nurturing experience that not only provides physical relief but also bestows emotional well-being upon new mothers as they embrace their motherhood journey. This specialised massage is renowned for its ability to prevent baby blues, a common phenomenon experienced by women after giving birth. If you've gone through a miscarriage or faced an unsuccessful delivery, our postnatal massage can be especially beneficial in aiding your body's recovery.

You can commence postnatal massages anytime between the 5th day to under 3 months following a normal delivery. In the case of a caesarean section, postnatal massage should only be performed after the incision has properly healed, usually after 6 weeks post-delivery.

Embrace the care and support you deserve during this significant phase of life with our Postnatal Massage, designed to nurture both your body and soul. Experience the healing touch that can ease your transition into motherhood and empower you to this beautiful new chapter.

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