Stephanie Oliveira


Meet Stephanie, our dedicated receptionist at White Stone. With a warm smile and a passion for all forms of art, expression, and communication, Stephanie is the friendly face that welcomes you to our establishment.

Beyond her role as a receptionist, Stephanie leads a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, embracing daily exercise, soaking up the daylight, and immersing herself in the beauty of nature. 

Stephanie is a wellspring of creativity, constantly bubbling with innovative ideas. Her positivity is infectious, and she brings a ray of sunshine to our workplace and all her interactions. 

What truly fulfils Stephanie is the opportunity to help others and make a meaningful difference in their lives. She firmly believes that what we give to the world comes back to us. With unwavering determination and authenticity, Stephanie exemplifies that when we desire something with truth and dedication, the universe aligns to make it a reality.

Stephanie is more than a receptionist; she's a radiant force of positivity and creativity at White Stone, and we're proud to have her as a part of our team.