Divine Shape


Get ready to rock those swimsuits and feel fabulous this summer with our exclusive White Stone treatment. Tailor-made to reshape your body and boost your self-esteem, Divine Shape is the ultimate buzz!

Immerse yourself in a 90-minute bliss that combines the art of Brazilian body-sculpting massage and lymphatic drainage, perfectly complemented by an absolute magical tool straight from Brazil – the Thermal Blanket, found only at White Stone. This powerful combination creates a unique reducing-detoxifying protocol, effectively breaking down fat cells and eliminating excess fluid, resulting in reduced body swelling.

The purpose of this massage goes beyond relaxation, focusing on specific areas such as the legs, hips, gluteus, and abdomen. Witness the incredible results with a potential loss of up to 2kg on the scales and 6cm off your waistline in just one session.

Beyond its aesthetic benefits, this treatment offers even more advantages. Experience relief from constipation, reduced stress, anxiety, and improved circulatory health.

Step into your best self this summer with Divine Shape – an extraordinary experience that goes beyond beauty, leaving you feeling revitalised and confident from within.