Massage Therapist

Michele Vieira

Hello! I'm Michele. I am from Brazil and 2.5 years ago I decided to move to the Gold Coast. I have always felt very strong in my values to help people, so I started to get very interested in massage. Since that I have now gone deeper into the benefits of healing the human body, as I have enrolled to do massage, Reiki and currently studying to finish a Diploma in Remedial Massage.  This is with the aim of improving and strengthening my knowledge and skills. I have had the opportunity to work in clinics and Spas on the Gold Coast that have given me a great training platform, where I have learned new skills and techniques. I am very happy in the area I work because I love helping people and giving them advise on the benefits of living a healthier life, for me there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient healed through my work.