Massage Therapist

Jennifer Bilton

Hi I`m Jennifer! I`ve started my journey as a massage therapist a few years ago when I decide to embrace my passion for the body`s wellbeing. I`ve been practising different types of sports since a child and have tried a lot of different treatments given the injuries and pains caused by the different activities throughout the years.

With sports, I`ve gained interest and passion for the human body, how it works and ways to treat it in a not invasive way. I am a certified Remedial Massage Therapist, specialised in Myofacial, trigger point, deep tissue, reflexology, relaxation, Hot Stone and pregnancy massage and I am working on my Reiki skills!

I have an understanding of pains and symptoms from sports injuries from personal experience and I am able to tailor a treatment for your needs and off course the benefits and feelings that a beautiful massage treatment gives your body and soul.