Massage Therapist

Gabriela Klein

Hi, I’m Gabriela.

Born in Brazil and, first came to Australia back in 2012. Early in life, I knew I would be a therapist in the extension of my compassion. Recognized as a life lover, I’ve always been drawn to the elements of nature to heal the body and nourish the spirit. Encouraged to embody movement in different kinds of exercises throughout life, has allowed me to develop good body awareness.

Through my commitment to studies, I extended my knowledge in India back in 2015, where I learned about Ayurveda medicine and human body wellbeing. As a certified Remedial Massage Therapist, specialized in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, Swedish relaxation, reflexology, pregnancy massage, and reiki, I believe that sharing my knowledge is a true gift to help others to return to their inherent wholeness creating a state of equilibrium, free from discomfort and in harmony.