Massage Therapist

Bianca Ribas

Hi, my name is Bianca. I'm a Physiotherapist graduated in Brazil with 13 years of experience. I've always enjoyed working with people and I'm so happy to help rehabilitate and improve my clients' quality of life. This makes me feel fulfilled as a health professional. I've worked for 3 years in hospitals and clinics, and I'm specialized in Pilates and Manual Therapies in Brazil. Since I moved to the Gold Coast, I started working as a Remedial Massage therapist, working with therapists from all over the world. I believe it's important to always be in search of new professional challenges and new learning. I like to use a combination of techniques, with alternative therapies and traditional techniques, according to the clinical and emotional needs of my clients. The human being must be taken care of as a whole, body, mind and spirit, and as wellness therapists, we're conductors of healing energies and positivity, offering a complete treatment to our clients.