Massage Therapist

Ana Wahrlich

Hi Beautiful Souls!
My name is Ana, I am from a small island in Brazil, Florianópolis.
My journey into holistic healing started in Brazil with Reiki, where I completed all levels of Reiki Attunement, becoming a Reiki Master, after which have been sharing my knowledge while teaching and attuning others. The passion to assist patients deepens every time I see light in their faces after treatment. This is where I felt the need to integrate Massage with Energy healing, these two combined go synergistically together making you feel like a floating feather at the end of every session.

My focus as an integrative massage therapist is to assess your physical and emotional state, then unblock and balance subtle energy levels. The musculoskeletal system can then be released, when physical issues appear, by our massage techniques.

These days I love to take care of pregnant women throughout all their trimesters. As a mum, I especially feel the urge to care for the postpartum period, when women face a lot of emotional and physical challenges within their bodies and mind. I particularly have a passion for Lymphatic Drainage and Chinese Cupping techniques for treatment, as well as Thetahealing.

Now calling Gold Coast home, and excellent health a personal priority, the eagerness to learn and explore other holistic tools doesn’t stop. So, I continue to broaden my studies and help an endless range of conditions within my patients. So this is me, with love and light ✨